Create and Enable a Google Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions help the user to augment and ultimately approve their browsing experience in Chrome.

1. Open your editor

I use Visual Studio Code and TextMate, and create a file called manifest.json

manifest.json holds info like the extension's version, and your chosen name for the extension. manifest.json also dictates what the browser will do when actions occur. Actions can be such that, when a new browser tab is opened, a message appears, or a popup occurs.

2. Create an action file and name it newtab.html

Copy and paste the following code:

3. Open up chrome://extensions

Enable Developer Mode, select Load Unpacked, and point to the location of your files

4. Enable your extension and open a new tab in your browser.

Once your extension is enabled, this displays our message each time a new tab is opened with a title and message.

Tom's Guide wrote a great article listing some favorite extensions of theirs. All that's left is to build your own!